At seventeen

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At seventeen
Lady Antebellum

At seventeen歌曲歌词

at seventeen
i learned the truth at seventeen
that love was meant for beauty queens
and high school girls with clear siknned smiles
who married young and then retired
the valentines i never knew
the friday night charades of youth
were spent on one more beautiful
at seventeen i learned the truth
and those of us with ravaged faces
lacking in the social graces
desperately remained at home
inventing lovers on the phone
who called to say come dance with me"
and murmured vague obscenities
it isn't all it seems at seventeen
a brown-eyed girl in hand me downs
whose name i never could pronounce
said"pity please the ones who serve,
they only get what they deserve"
and the rich relationed home town queen
marries into what she needs
with a guarantee of company and haven for the elderly
remember those who with the game
lose the love they sought to gain
in debentures of quality and dubious integrity
the small town eyes would gape at you in dull surprise
when payment due exceeds accounts received at seventeen
to those of us who knew the pain
of valentines that never came
and those whose names were never called
when choosing sides for basketball
it was long ago and far away
the world was younger than today
and dreams were all they gave for free
to ugly duckling girls like me
we all played the game and when we dared
to cheat ourselves at solitaire
inverting lovers on the phone
repenting other lives unknown
they call and say "come dance with me"
and murmur vague obscenities
at ugly girls like me--at seventeen

At seventeen歌手简介

Janis Ian
在乐坛有一代传奇民谣女伶美誉的民谣女歌手 Janis Ian珍妮斯‧伊安
传奇民谣女伶Janis Ian,早在1967年便以首张同名专辑获葛莱美奖提名最佳民谣演出;并以单曲『Society’s Child』,奠定在音乐圈中的地位。音乐事业颠峰时退出乐坛,往舞台剧发展。在1972-1981年间,Janis Ian录制了Stars、Between The Lines与Aftertones 【曾是日本唱片史上卖得最好的专辑】Night Rains、Miracle Row、Janis Ian II 这些经典专辑。其中Between the Lines 为五项葛莱美奖提名,拿下包括年度最佳唱片、最佳流行演唱、最佳录音与美澳英三地白金唱片。这张精选辑收录最经典专辑中的最经典单曲。单曲『Love Is Blind』当年占据日本排行榜冠军达六个月之久。Janis Ian的唱片是音乐界与音响界常态性被收藏的艺人之一,发烧级的嗓音与一把空心吉他便将音乐性十足呈现。精选辑中的歌曲依著录制年份排列,彷若也经历 Janis Ian音乐生涯最灿烂的十年纪录.[1] 
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